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sh404sef Content Encoding Error – jomres links

I had an issue when adding a manual jomres link to a link on an article. The link was in the following format: index.php?option=com_jomres&feature_uids[]=87&ptype=All&send=Search&calledByModule=mod_jomsearch_m1&Itemid=24 I got the following error: Content Encoding Error The page you are trying to view cannot … Continue reading

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SH404SEF – Joomfish: Secondary Language homepage link does not translate

If you have a problem with Joomfish, where you click on the language picker to choose the secondary language (Not default language) and the pages translate, but when you click on the homepage menu link and the page reverts to … Continue reading

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sh404sef joomfish homepage not translating back to english

After installing sh404sef on a site using joomfish for dual language website the homepage would not change back to english when I clicked on the translation flag. I fixed this by editing the sh404 sef urls: Go to Components > … Continue reading

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