sh404sef joomfish homepage not translating back to english

After installing sh404sef on a site using joomfish for dual language website the homepage would not change back to english when I clicked on the translation flag.

I fixed this by editing the sh404 sef urls:

Go to Components > SH404SEF > URL manager > New:

New SEF URL: en
non-SEF Url: index.php?lang=en


It should work now.

PS. If you don’t know what the non-SEF Url is, then disable sh404sef and set the joomla seo setting in the joomla control panel to No.

SEO Settings
Search Engine Friendly URLs
Use Apache mod_rewrite
Add suffix to URLs

Go to front end and click on the homepage and click on the language links to go to another language and then back t english. You will see the url in the address bar.

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  1. The fix I published did work for a bit, but then the same problem returned.

    Solution: Upgrade to the latest version of SH404SEF (com_sh404sef2_2.2.0.909). When I tried to upgrade from the control panel it did not register that there was a new version, so please visit their website and download the latest version from there.

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