Jomres: Joomfish translation not working

Issue with the front end property details not saving for each language and how to edit the touch templates in another language

1. Log out of front end

2. To edit “Touch Templates” in another language you have to > Go to jomres backend > Choose Languages (Icon) > Select languages you want to be able to edit the “Label Translations” for.

3. Now go to > Label Translations > Select a language from the drop down (Top left) and translate.

If you don’t see your language, then edit the following file and add your language:

copy the the following file en-GB.php (rename it to your language file format) and place in \languages\propertyrentals\ or just the \languages folder if not using the propertyrentals\ language files.

You will see your added language in “Languages (Icon)” page > Select the languages you want to use for the “Touch Templates” (top left)

You can edit the touch templates from the backend OR translate the language file.

5. Log out of back end. Go to front end and edit the property in the language of your choice.

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