Joomla, Jomres Google Maps – 4

The phase 2 assault on the map continued last night and we implemented one of the main parts…The dragable pin in Property details to acquire the LONG and LAT values by dragging the pin to your location…In Street View!

We are now able to drag the pin to the precise location, in case google can’t get it right, so no need to leave jomres to go to another site for the long and lat values. Hoorah!

We will be able to remove:
Jomres will pass your address to Google to generate the map position in the property details. If for whatever reason Google cannot find your address based on the information found above, you can enter latitude and longitude in the lat/long fields instead. If you choose to enter the latitude and longitude, please note that we have found the Google earth lat and long information to be inaccurate so you are advised instead to visit the itouchmap site and use their information to determine your latitude and longitude. When entering your lat and long, the format should be something like ’51.754564622′ and ‘-4.997314810′.

We still need to clean up some of debris left by the code bombardment and also put in a check to default to map view if there are not any street view information. This is important for areas where the spy drones have not been yet.

I will send a demo example once this phase is completed and the webforless guys are happy with testing so you can see how it works in real live.

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