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I have a dual language site using Joomfish. I wanted to translate the fields that are kept in the back end. I presume it will work for any of these fields that are stored in the backend / database.

In my case for example I wanted to translate “Position Type”

In order to do this I created an XML file (jgbobs_pos_type.xml) in: \administrator\components\com_joomfish\contentelements

The code inside the xml file is as follows:

Save it as: jbjobs_pos_type.xml

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<joomfish type="contentelement">
<name>JoomBah Jobs Position Type</name>
<author>JoomBah Team</author>
<description>Definition for JoomBah Jobs description</description>
<copyright> 2010 - 2011, All rights reserved.</copyright>
<reference type="content">
<table name="jbjobs_pos_type">
<field type="referenceid" name="id" translate="0">ID</field>
<field type="titletext" name="pos_type"  length="50" maxlength="100" translate="1">Position Type</field>

All you have to be concerned with from the above example is:

1. The table name you are trying to translate:
<table name=”[b]jbjobs_pos_type[/b]“>

2. The field name in the table you want to translate <field type=”titletext” [b]name=”pos_type”[/b]  length=”50″ maxlength=”100″ translate=”1″>Position Type</field>

Save / upload the file as I mentioned above.

Now. If you go to Joomfish > Translate > And choose the drop down on the right “Content Elements” you will see “JoomBah Jobs Position Type”.

Select it and make the translation and you are done.

Don’t make the mistake which I made and go to front end and think the text would have changed…You have to go to the job and edit it in your language. You will see that the field options have changed.

You can do this for all the variations

The Joombah team might have a better solution, but this worked for me.

Hope this helps.

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