cpanel email signature software

I’m looking for software to use on my cpanel account to add email signatures on the server level, NOT the webmail level.

I want to send emails with a predefined signatures for groups of email addresses.
Has anyone found / used anything for this purpose, please?

I know you can use 3rd party software for an exchange server, but it seems over kill for 50 emails.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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BF Survey pro does not verify TEXT Fields

I’ve installed BF Survey, but it does not verify required (Mandatory) TEXT fields.

I’ve worked with the BF Survey support team and disabled all modules and plugins to try and get it to work, but none of it seems to be the problem.

I then contacted the excellent support team at Artisteer and they helped to identify the problem which gave me this reply:

We have analyzed the issue, it turned out to be related to the INPUT tag written in capital letters.

<INPUT id=’cs_fn’ name=’cs_fn’ size=’65′ MAXLENGTH=255>

Such capitalized tags are actually not expected because this is not a valid xhtml.

I then edited the following file:

I replace all the <INPUT … tags with <input and everything works as it should.

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Fixed – Nokia N8 Not Charging or Not Turning On

If you find that you cannot charge your phone after the battery went dead, it could be a documented fault.

I tried the following solution, but it did not work form me:

1. Connect the charger supplied with the N8 to other compatible Nokia phones, like E72
2. Wait for the other device (E72) to start charging.
3. After it starts charging, remove the charger from it (E72).
4. Now, try to charge the N8 using the supplied charger that you used with the other device previously (E72).
5. Wait for the N8 to charge or start.

As said, the above did not work for me.

I solved the issue by attaching my phone to my PC via my usb cable. It started charging. I did not switch it on until it was fully charged.

My Nokia N8 is alive again and also charges using the charger.

I will probably make sure not to discharge the battery completely in future.

Hope this helps.

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Gwyndaf Pritchard Roofing Website has been updated

I’m happy to announce that we upgraded It use to be a HTML, CSS website, but we upgraded it to a wordpress website to upgrade the features and make it more future proof.

Gwyndaf Pritchard Roofing is Based on Anglesey, North Wales and are firmly established in the Gwynedd area as a highly recommended roofing firm.

Check out their new website at:

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Twitter is over capacity… You mean Twitter is DOWN

Twitter has been down most of this morning and all they can say is Twitter is over capacity. I think they should be a bit more forthcoming and admit the site is DOWN.

Twitter is Down

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Joomla Spell Check Error: “id”:null,”result”:[],”error”:null

I’m using Joomla 1.5.24 and JCE as editor. I got an error when trying to do a spell check in the editor:
Error response: Could not open SSL connection to google.{“id”:null,”result”:[],”error”:null}

I solved this by enabling PHP Extension: php_curl

Hope this help somebody.

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Jomres by far the best hotel / accommodation software on the market

We’ve been using Jomres for our hotel booking systems, caravan site booking systems, B&B booking systems for over 3 years now and although the system is robust and not in need of upgrading to work, I would like to point out the enhancements that the guys at Jomres has made since one of my clients first installs.

Jomres 5.5.5 19/09/2011

  • Added the Jomres Plugin Shop to the Plugin Manager.

Jomres 5.5.4 15/09/2011

  • Disabled filtering that inserts to sanitise data. We’re already using PHP’s intput filtering to prevent sql injection, and the functionality creates more problems than it solves so for now it is disabled.
  • The old sort by order functionality has stopped working, so we’ve implemented a new, simpler method of triggering the page reload.
  • Improved new sorting funcs to remember previously selected sort order.
  • Modified save invoice so that depending on if the invoice is a standard invoice or a commission invoice, the user is redirected to either list invoices or list commission invoices.
  • A small change that adds the content of the tabs back into the $output array of composite property details.
  • Fixed a faulty config option for the slider setting.

Jomres 5.5.3 13/09/2011

  • Added a new option to define the booking form’s width through the site config area.
  • Added a new feature where the slider functionality that slides the totals panel in the booking form can be switched off, either via site config, or if the browser’s a mobile device then it’s disabled automatically.
  • Added version checking to addplugin functionality.
  • Added an option to disable emailing guests when a new user is created.
  • Added an option to disable tax output in the booking form totals summary.
  • Implemented a cancellation threashold that prevents a booking from being cancelled by the guest, if the booking is within N days.
  • Some changes to allow us to translate meta title and descriptions.
  • Added tabs jquery code to composite property details.
  • Added ajax url to the property urls passed to list property’s template.
  • Added JOMRES_SITEPAGE_URL_AJAX to cms_specific_urls J1.7
  • (Gmaps) Added some code to geo coder to prevent it trying to render if called via ajax (cos it wont).
  • Fixed a bug where tariff details aren’t showing in terse tariff list, introduced by the wholeday changes.
  • Modified the auto-jump to module-less Joomla if the browser’s found to be a mobile browser, not just iphone.
  • Modified the SRP and norooms booking forms to remove some totals panel elements that are not applicable to them, and removed the override totals input fields from norooms as the override totals feature only applies to accommodation (e.g. room) based bookings.
  • fixed the jomres decode function that was incorrectly removing a t when it shouldn’t.
  • Small change to ensure that when a property type’s language specific file’s directory is created, that the directory name’s changed to all lowercase.
  • Updated plugin server to pass data via json instead of ^ separated data if json_decode is available, and added code to show plugins to show minimum Jomres versions required to run a plugin.
  • Changed where jomresItemid is set to 0 to prevent triggering trivial errors on installation. (J1.7)
  • Small change to list properties to ensure that wholeday wording is used if configured, when referring to a property’s price per night/day.
  • Modified how J1.5 version of router.php finds property names.
  • Modified dobooking, disabled feature that automatically switches off the departure date if the “property” is a no-rooms property, because Jintour now has an option now to enable/disable this input.

Jomres 5.5.2 05/09/2011

  • Added a new feature to allow rooms to be filtered according to their room features, in the booking form.
  • Added functionality and lang definitions to find the last date the property last had a booking made against it.
  • Implemented a new feature that makes it possible to do wholeday bookings, as opposed to overnight bookings. When the arrival and departure dates are set in the booking form the number of days of the booking include both the arrival and departure dates, rather than just the days between. Most changes pertain to changing wording from per night to per day, but they do add a lot of new strings. Provisionally the wording addresses the hypothetical situation that Jomres is being used for a tool hire and renamed “arrival” and “departure” to “pickup” and “return” dates.
  • Added a feature to allow managers to override the price of a booking’s accommodation at booking time.
  • set lat long defaults to Buck palace if it’s not set, prevents a js error in edit property.
  • Precautionary changes to edit property to add API key, I can’t replicate a reported issue but this change should forestall it.
  • Found I hadn’t updated the add property reg prop2 templates with the appropriate code for generating a map.
  • Blooming tab jump to top of page problem is back again. Added a fixed height to the tabs div to prevent the jumping.
  • Added a check to ensure that property uid is > 0 when generating module property output.
  • Small modification to jr_gettext to ensure it uses jomresJquery not jQuery.
  • Changed how the latitude is detected when editing a property, the older method wouldn’t allow negative numbers (oops).
  • Moved the image location abs path definitions into integration.php.
  • Undid a change made in the previous version that scuppered editors in edit property details.
  • Fixed a bug where wiseprice discount was being set to 0 in list properties.
  • Tweaked j1.7′s itemid finding query to resolve issues that some people have been getting.

Jomres 5.5.1 24/08/2011

  • Small change to fix 1.7 upgrading issues.
  • Removed a check for j1.7 so that the 404sef panel isn’t shown in j1.7 (yet)
  • set lat long defaults to Buck palace if it’s not set, prevents a js error in edit property.
  • Precautionary changes to edit property to add API key, I can’t replicate a reported issue but this change should forestall it.

Jomres 5.5 23/08/2011

  • Added a feature where an optional extra can be set to be automatically selected in the booking form.
  • Modified gmaps buttons to use new style ui.
  • Modified edit property functionality to allow users to scroll around a gmap and drag a pointer to set their lat and long. If lat is not set, then Jomres will query google to get a rough approximation of their location to get the ball rolling.
  • Implemented a feature to configure the property type order as it appears in the property type selection dropdown.
  • Added a delete multiple black bookings feature to Jomres, will require the v5.5 version of the black bookings plugin.
  • Added balance after deposit paid row to booking form price summary panel.
  • Renamed Kenya shilling.
  • Swapped a global call to $mainframe =& JFactory::getApplication(); to generate pathways.
  • Modified pathway code to be called in 1.6/1.7
  • Renamed extras tax to services tax in English lang files.
  • Added Joseph’s suggestion for finding the correct item id to J1.7 specific code. Many thanks.
  • Added a back to property details button to the booking form page if the form’s in the modal popup.
  • Modified how the wysiwyg editor is called. Bally thing works now!
  • Modified how the reg prop 2 page is rendered to allow wysiwyg editor if enabled.
  • Small modification from $langs’pt’='pt-BR’; to $langs’br’='pt-BR’;
  • Small tweak to ensure that the discount shown is output inclusive of vat where appropriate.
  • Commented out spinner code in bottom.html as I’m getting sick of seeing it now. You can restore it if you wish, by un-commenting the appropriate lines.
  • Small change to list properties to add the max guests from the tariffs to the property deets (eg the output) array.
  • Modified the new property module utility function to include the lang files if they haven’t already been included.
  • Added a check for joomla1.7 so that Jomres will show sh404sef config options for both J1.5 and J1.7.
  • Added changes to the old Jomres sh404sef plugin as contributed by Joseph.
  • Slightly larger panel image uploaded.

Jomres 5.4.1 12/08/2011

  • Added z-index to the totals panel slider.
  • Removed span class from the output_price function as it was creating issues when saving bookings.

Jomres 5.4 11/08/2011

  • The booking form has been rebuilt with a view to UI improvements.
  • Added a new sliding panel that scrolls with the user through the booking form, containing the totals, including new output of the room totals inc and excl tax.
  • The booking form, if not showen in the property details page, will now open up in a modal popup, allowing us much more space to present to the user the booking form without overwhelming them (the areas behind are hidden). This can be disabled in Site Config.
  • New Site config tab that holds booking form relevant options (some new, some moved from the Misc tab).
  • Added a button to enable re-opening the booking form in the event that it (the modal panel) was closed.
  • Added new functionality to auto-detect a user’s location based on their IP number, and use that setting to automatically set the currency code and the currency code dropdown.
  • Re-organised the Site Config to make a little more sense, moved some elements out from the Misc tab into their own tabs.
  • Re-organised the country code dropdown to make it alphabetical
  • Register property and countries scripts modified to rename the “country” tag to xyz (I was bored and couldn’t think of anything else) to prevent other module’s “country” inputs from interfering with the country selection when a new country is chosen.
  • Changed the memory limit in admin.php to prevent issues with large numbers of Jintour tours causing out of memory errors.
  • Added a line to jomres_decode that’ll strip ascii line seperators from text, as this can break javascript.
  • A couple of changes to encourage Jomres to pick up the appropriate language file when the ptype is set in a search option.
  • Small change to css and list properties template to ensure that the property name is shown in white, therefore it works well with the jquery ui headers.
  • Small modification to change what we measure in the psuedocron backend functionality to prevent duplicate jobs from showing.
  • Minor tweak to database class to correctly log the source of a db query’s calling script.
  • Added improved code for filtering out mootools (?) added function names to json returned data. Again, thanks David.
  • Added a missing div to bookguestout.html
  • Modified the return url in the save subscriber script to ensure that when a user chooses to not subscribe, they’re sent to the correct page when SEF is enabled.
  • Modified the booking data archive script to not include “bookings” that don’t have a property uid set.
  • Small change to prevent older Advanced weekly prices setting impacting prices once the manager’s changed to micromanage mode.
  • Removed a reference to the tariff description, which was only ever intended for reception use, from the verbose tariff output that shows on the property details page.
  • Modified scripts so that translated tariffs that are created under micromanage mode can be shown in the property details.
  • Modified how the remainder to pay is figured out in the edit booking page to ensure that we’re using the most appropriate method.
  • Modified list properties and router.php to allow router.php to use existing property names found by the basic property details class, means fewer queries are performed when pulling property names for url generation.
  • Modified list properties and discounts minicomponents to reduce the number of queries performed, and modified the template to show :- only if review data included.
  • Modified the getPropertyAddressForPrint function to use the basic_property_details data wherever possible.
  • Optimised the taxrates_getalltaxrates function to only perform the query once by storing the results in showtime.
  • Optimised the property type name finding functionality of list properties.
  • Optimised the custom field handler to make fewer queries.

Jomres 5.3 25/07/2011

  • Added Joomla 1.7 compatability to Jomres.
  • Adding exit; after the redirection’s been done to see if that fixes
  • Added a change to the chained select javascript to exclude mootools keys that are somehow being inserted into the “data” json object when the list of regions/towns is being returned.
  • Deleted the old wordpress files, I’m never going to finish the job, might as well bin it.

Jomres 5.2.1 19/07/2011

  • Added a feature that by default filters out non-active guests from the guest list. A dropdown allows the manager to view all guests if required.
  • Changed name of id in selectCombo’s town dropdown as it was preventing the booking form from validating.
  • Fixed issue where combo searching on properties with apostrophe’s in town/region might not work. Good find Aladar.
  • Fix for module xml files not being installed so module configuration parameters were not being shown.
  • Modified (again) our redirect function.
  • Modified the router to reduce the number of queries it generates, brought my test installation when viewing property details down from circa 400 to 70.
  • Modified publish guest type script, stops it from throwing an error even if the publish activity worked fine.
  • Resized the ajax activity div to make it look better in IE (losing the scroll bars).
  • Modified how guest price variations are taken into account. If the variance is not a percentage then we’ll determine the nett value of the variance before adjusting the rate per night.
  • Modified the new searchCombo to include the ‘all’ option.

Jomres 5.2stable 14/07/2011

  • Small change to allow bookings with shorter periods in fixed period bookings.
  • Modified the register property 2 template to include lat/long details. Will need the appropriate register property version to work.
  • Removed ex tax figuring from calcExtras’s third party extras handling. As extras are already assumed to be ex tax before the price is output, this means that 1. the extras are all output in the same way and 2. the invoice now makes sense for third party extras.
  • Added a new utility function intended for a new set of modules are in the works.
  • Tweaked the output_price function to optionally disable conversion output (might be used elsewhere).
  • Modified the frontend invoice template to make it fit better on the page.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in v5 where third party plug-in modules could no longer be installed. Removed a reference to old “component installer” code that’s never been used (since at least v3-ish).

Jomres 5.2rc1 11/07/2011

  • Small modification to the output_price function to ensure that if the foreign currency code isn’t set, to not attempt a conversion.
  • As our new jomresJquery code has broken the old, ugly jquery combo plugin, we’ve replaced that old functionality with a newer, nicer jquery combo plugin.
  • Modified the guest confirmation email to use output_price
  • Added initial total inc vat column to printable invoice’s template.
  • Fixed a bug where there were some missing td’s in the Guest’s toolbar.
  • Removed an old reference to index2.php in the clickatell settings template.
  • Added an option to disable javascript packing in site config, because on some servers the packer script doesn’t appear to run correctly. By default, the packing feature is off, it needs to be enabled in site config for it to kick in.
  • Added ignore user abort functionality, once the exchange rate update has started, we want to finish the job. (exchange rate updating functionality).
  • Added a cron job for triggering exchange rate updating.
  • Moved the call to the chain select jquery plugin from j00030search.class.php into the init_javascript function in funtions.php.
  • Removed an obsolete javascript file.

Jomres 5.2beta2 07/07/2011

  • Significant changes to all Jomres code to try to resolve javascript conflict issues with modules, templates and plugins that also use jQuery. Whilst strictly speaking this isn’t a bug in Jomres (rather, it’s people not being aware that different plugins all using the same type of library will cause a conflict), this change should, nevertheless (hopefully) overcome those problems. Initial tests are very encouraging.
  • Found and fixed an issue where the optimisation cronjob wasn’t triggering correctly.
  • Small modification to php mailer class to prevent echoing of email addresses that failed.
  • Added a check for error code 6 in the image uploading class to indicate that a temp dir doesn’t exist (or isn’t writable).
  • Exchange rate conversion selector removed from top.html, instead it is now available as a plugin that can be included by asamodule.

Jomres 5.2beta1 05/07/2011

  • A large number of changes to add fully automatic exchange rate downloading (daily) and conversion features that will allow us to convert prices on the fly for all properties who are using a currency code that can be converted. As the download is done daily, the first time the page is visited after this code is added may take a while to resolve as your Jomres installation needs to talk to the remote exchange rate server. After that’s done however the data is stored locally and is retrieved very quickly.
  • Undid a change in the last version that disables busy dates in the departure date of the booking form, as this was a mistake. Leaving this change in would mean that a booker cannot set a disabled date as their departure date, even though this would be perfectly valid.
  • Reset a flag that prevents emails from being sent during testing, which was accidentaly left in situ after some code improvements.
  • Modified the infoimage feature of the tooltip function to use a new css class that makes the tooltip content area wider.
  • Fixed a bug where per person per night optional extras weren’t displaying correctly in the booking confirmation page.
  • Removed excanvas.js from obsolete file handling class. Not sure why it’s marked as obsolete. It’s not.

Jomres 5.1 28/06/2011

  • A good deal of changes to the Javascript file handling. Jomres now uses a lot of javascript files, which raises the issue of network speed as the user needs to d/l a number of files to use the site. We would like to implement some kind of javascript compression facility within the system so that we can reduce this number of files.
  • Firstly, to do that we’ve needed to ditch the minified/compressed files we’re currently offering. Because of the way different compression technologies work, you cannot successfully combine all of the different compressed/minified files into one file as for some reason this doesn’t work, so the first thing we needed to do replace our files with the fullsize versions of the same files. This is good, because it makes it easier for site designers to modify those javascript files to suit their own requirements, however it’s bad because the combined javascript file is > 1/2mb in size. Currently, all of the different methods we’ve tried to compress this file in size haven’t worked. So, Step 1, combine most files (except the jquery core file) – complete. Step 2, compress the combined file – work in progress.
  • Implemented a javascript packing library to minify and concatenate some of the Jomres javascript files. Some can’t be compressed because of how they’re written, but most can.
  • Modified how the confirmation form printable link is constructed, allows managers to use editing mode in the printable form to customise the confirmation letter.
  • Improved the extras output in the booking form and confirmation pages to calculate the total prices in showconfirmation of each selected extra, and to show the model’s text in showconfirmation and the booking form
  • Slight modification of booking engine to note that there aren’t any free rooms on a given date. Normally, if all rooms for a given date are booked, then the javascript calendar popup will disable a date, however if all rooms become booked whilst a user’s in the booking form then they’ll see the “select a room” message whilst there are no longer rooms available. This modification should change that message. It’s an edge case scenario, but it’s covered.
  • Slight modification of archive audit to not log the audit action in the audit trail. Was creating some issues of it’s own.
  • Modified the booking engine, added autocomplete off for the arrival/departure dates, as firefox was causing inconsistent results, and removed a recent addition that was preventing the No rooms available from showing up when rooms were available.
  • Small modification to how searches are performed for room type searches, if filter = % then just re-use the last set of search results.
  • Modified the save invoice feature to set the init total to 0 if the invoice has been marked as paid in the administrator area.
  • More changes to invoice handling in the backend, corrected code to show the correct balance in list invoices and edit invoice, when the invoice is marked as paid. You can no longer mark an invoice as pending once it’s been marked as paid. Want to implement paging soon, so there’s definitely more work to be done on this as yet.
  • Modified how the property switch redirect’s url is created, prevents the cycling issue that some folks have been experiencing.
  • Removed a stray vardump that was left in after the last changeset referring to invoice total changes.
  • Improved new functionality that reports that there are no vacancies to only trigger on certain parameter changes.
  • Modified a little used function to use translated guest type titles.
  • Modified booking engine to disable fully booked dates in both the arrival and departure dates (the Javascript calendars).
  • Found an issue where cron jobs were becoming locked then not unlocking, thereby taking them out of action for good. Also re-added the old optimise minicomponent.
  • Modified how dobooking finds the default departure date.
  • Added a change to showconfirmation to try to resolve issues where safari’s creating new sessions when in the booking form. We’re now saving guest address details to the temp booking object when showconfirmation’s triggered. As a happy accident, debugging this has resulted in a slightly nicer booking form (it recognises the enter button).
  • Modified confirmation handling so that on amend contract, the special requirements are re-added to the text field in the confirmation page.
  • A variety of changes to add the total inc tax column to the line items table and it’s output.
  • Modified and simplified grand total figuring in invoices.
  • Added code to translate tariff name/desc in confirmation emails.
  • Commented out an IF statement that was preventing countries with no regions from showing up as a search option.
  • Added a change that seems to fix the “search by location combo” dropdowns causing other dropdowns to not show correctly.
  • Commented out width and height settings from the imageonly tooltip popup. I left this in place when I created the thumbnail functionality to provide backward compatability with older installations of Jomres. That was some months ago now, and we’re regularly getting questions on how to remove this code from newer uses so I think that the older users will just have to bite the bullet now and upload new images if they haven’t already.
  • Further changes to post-booking emails to ensure that tariff names are translated correctly.
  • Added a mechanism to listproperties to allow a plugin to offer a “prices from” figure. The newest version of Jintour supports this new feature.
  • Fixed a small bug where the unpublished message was wrong when a property is unpublished.
  • Removed a redundant “edit creditcard” link that’s no longer usable.
  • Modified the add plugin functionality to ensure that we clear out both the /remote_plugins/plugin_name and core-plugins/plugin_name directories. If we don’t and somebody upgrades from an older version of a plugin, we’ll get an error in Jomres/Jomres plugin manager.
  • small change to ensure that the url is passed through the jomres_decode function so extraneous slashes and other html special chars are decoded before the url’s used.
  • Modified the class that sets up the booking form page, removed part of an if statement that ensures that the SRP calendar is shown if fixed period bookings are enabled. Don’t understand why it’s there, and doesn’t make any sense to leave it in-situ. Seems that it was added in v3 and my records don’t go back that far.
  • Added a couple of options to the viewproperty array in aid of third party developers.
  • Modified the confirmation letter script to use medium thumbnails where available.
  • Updated French and Portuguese language files, many thanks Mario!
  • Added an updated version of es-ES.php to the core code, many thanks Juan Antonio.

Jomres 5stable 20/05/2011

  • Minor tweak to installer to stop it reporting that it’s creating the extra services table if it already exists.
  • Tweaked queries that pull tariff and room booking information from db when setting up the booking object.
  • Removed height: 1000px; from viewproperty left col in css file as it should no longer be appropriate.
  • Added j00509form.class.php to obsolete files class.
  • Added old gateway templates and images to obsolete files list.
  • Modified the updater to no longer check the license key.
  • Removed old creditcard storage mechanism.
  • Modified dobooking to remove some html and added that missing html to the dobooking templates.

Jomres 5beta1 18/05/2011

  • Removed a lot of files which have now been added as plugins, removed some remaining ‘form’ plugin files and created a new core-plugins folder.
  • Modified installer to put core Jomres plugins into the core-plugins directory, instead of remote_plugins.
  • Added some code to remove anti-xss code inserted by the input filter when adding a new plugin.
  • Modified code that removes plugins to take into account the new core-plugins directory.
  • Added a new booking form to be used by non-room based properties (eg. jintour would use this template instead of the one it carries natively).
  • Applied some tweaks to the booking forms to improve layout etc, thx Aladar.
  • Reworded the optional extras selection header to make it more generic.
  • Small tweak to booking form font size, and a modification to show the services total in the booking form (bug fix).
  • Disabled output filtering, causing site slowdowns and not massively necessary.
  • Added a warning to the plugin manager to not install all plugins when first starting out.
  • Modified the prep search by price ranges code to use only prices from published properties.
  • Modified list properties to not show paging if called via ajax, and filter properties to not output the sort order dropdown for same. For ajax generated property lists we’ll need to find some other way to sort the search results as the two above are not suitable for this scenario.
  • Modified plugin manager to highlight main system plugins.
  • Modified property list dashboard element to not show anything if the user’s a receptionist.

Jomres 4.7.8stable 11/05/2011

  • New number images contributed for use in the booking form, kindly donated by Eleanor. Thanks very much! Booking form templates improved to use them better.
  • Small change to jomres.js so that fading out feature only kicks in if the room booking functionality is used by the property (ie, so that the address/extras stuff isn’t faded out for a jintour property.
  • Fixed issue reported by Duxiana in new coupon functionality, guest dropdown list shows firstname/firstname, not firstname/surname in the edit coupon page.
  • Corrected the installer, one of the ‘add column’ parts for the new coupon functionality didn’t have it’s corresponding insertion code.
  • Added a check for property uid = 0 in coupon functionality giving us the ability to have system-wide coupons in the future.

Jomres 4.7.8beta1 05/05/2011

  • Added functionality so that coupons can only be valid for certain dates, as well as only used within certain periods, and a coupon can be assigned only to a specific guest.
  • Some users are having problems because they’ve edited files for Jomres and forgetting (or not knowing) that the files should be saved “without BOM” (byte order mark). These changes will allow us to attempt to remove the BOM from all areas of the output that’s returned by the server to the client browser, hopefully thereby fixing issues some folks have had with the Show Profiles feature.
  • Added an option to not include the jomres jquery ui css file in the head of the template.
  • Small fix added to css to stop date picker’s empty div from showing on the bottom left of the page on some templates.
  • Added a missing closing div to edit_room.html
  • A couple of changes to stop the block IE error code from showing above the page’s body, instead added it to jomres.js.
  • Added charset to info sent to paypal
  • Modified regprop step one to use jrConfig limit_property_country_country (the setting in Site Config when managers can set the default country) to set a new property’s country.
  • Added a few “if not exists” to the installer.
  • Some CSS changes to make Jomres blend better with our own joomla template.
  • Added a few missing settings to jomres_config.php, these will then update the site setting’s 0 profiles when the user next uses the install_jomres.php script when they upgrade.
  • Cleaned a lot of files with trailing spaces in them, could be the cause of some servers being unable to use the manager choose functionality.
  • Upgraded html purifier to 4.3.0, instead of the older, obsolete 4.0.
  • Modified the delete room script only trigger an error if there are future bookings for a room.
  • Applying a potential fix to the “looping on change property” issue.
  • Found a way to allow a property manager to switch to a different property without having the manager’s toolbars popup mid-redirect.
  • Added an option to the generate date input function that allows us to tell the function to show historic dates in the calendar.

Jomres 4.7.7 06/04/2011

  • A small change to prevent properties with 0 tariffs from showing the prices.
  • minor template changes, mainly, to prevent the toolbar from rendering when saving something.
  • Change to resolve issues with IE and redirection functionality.
  • Fixed an issue caused by upgrading jquery to 1.5.1. when trying to edit rates with the calendars in Micromanage.
  • Change to how jomSearch class is called. Should mean that devs can override the class if needed. Uses jr_import now.
  • Added some definitions for ajax urls that I intend to add in the future to the rest of the system.
  • Some changes to how the http protocol is manipulated. In short, removed the manipulation as we’re no longer offering the “ssl in the booking form” switch.
  • A tweak to see if we can resolve the browser moving the viewing area to the top of the page when we click on a tab.
  • Added jquery ui 1.8.11 to jomres
  • Added an option to site config -> search options tab to allow a property manager to choose how the search by guest numbers search feature should work.
  • It would appear that over the years the “registered users only can book online” option has been neglected as the system has evolved, meaning that non-registered users are seeing the dobooking links. Fixed to work again.
  • Added language definitions to paypal redirect script and Edit Labels area.
  • Added a couple of contributions from Marco regarding translation of custom field names in the hotel and guest emails.
  • Modified edit profile so that check all selector selects all checkboxes.

Jomres 4.7.6 29/03/2011

  • Fixed a bug where `tax_rate_val` wasn’t added on first install therefore adding new service charges to existing bills wouldn’t work unless the installer’d been used to upgrade the db.
  • Added new feature to output prices and periods so that they can be customised to be by night/week/month.
  • Modified the booking forms a little to fade out panels until a room has been selected (mrp) or a valid tariff found (srp).
  • Some markup fixes.
  • Fix a few stray apostrophes in the search combo dropdowns.
  • Added animation when ajax kicks in.
  • PHP mailer exception class renamed to prevent naming clashes.
  • Added jquery 1.5.1 to svn and Jomres. Won’t remove old version until the version after this, which will give us time to ensure that functionality works as expected.
  • Small change to make sure the toolbar isn’t rendered when deleting a property.
  • Modified the sh404sef plugin to correctly determine the ‘task’ so that it runs correctly.
  • New change to generate the booking number when the user passes the process payment point, instead of the insert booking point. This is for developers who need to pass the booking number to remote gateways.
  • Improved archive audit trail functionality to only archive 1000 records at a time, and run far fewer queries.
  • Improved layout of config panels in frontend.
  • A variety of UI tweaks to improve page consistency for property managers. Upgraded jquery validation plugin js script.

Jomres 4.7.5 15/03/2011

  • Fixed a bug where `tax_rate_val` wasn’t added on first install therefore adding new service charges to existing bills wouldn’t work unless the installer’d been used to upgrade the db.
  • A small change to fix the type of commission rate in the administrator area view property page.
  • Modified a file to prevent the ‘form’ gateway from appearing in the gateways list in the property configuration page. We want to discourage users from using this gateway as it involves entering creditcard details on a joomla based server, whereas in fact they should be using a full payment gateway that is PCI compliant.
  • Fixed a bug introduced by a new change which prevented currency formats being shown in the tariffs and currencies tab of property config.
  • Small change to ensure that the booking form property config option Show max guests per booking affects the room type dropdown list in the booking form, as well as the ‘classic’ list.
  • Removed some old references to popup in the slideshow and view rooms urls in property details.
  • Added a check for the php version when installing.
  • Added search by price range text to touch template functionality.
  • Added code to enable switching off of jquery ui.
  • Edited the frontend list propertys (that a manager sees if they’re not a super manager) to work with the jquery ui classes.
  • Added jomres_decode to the listyourproperties script.
  • Some changes to bring manager’s page’s css into line with the rest of the jquery ui usage on the system.
  • A few changes to stop the language switching back to English for no good reason in the administrator area, and changed some country name editing mode functions to ensure that the constant uses the country code, not the country name.
  • Some changes to the Jomres installer to resolve issues where users are having to use the discover feature to install Jomres.
  • Added bulgarian to Jomres lang library. Many thanks Hristo Yanev
  • Updated frontend list invoices to look better on the page.
  • Modified the booking engine to show a 3 month picker in the arrival date, and to allow the booker to choose historic dates if we’re amending a booking.
  • Modified amend booking functionality to force the rooms list to switch back to the ‘classic’ room selection style if we’re amending a booking.
  • Added feature to automatically create an index.html in the remote_plugins dir once a plugin is added.
  • Added sort by price ASC/DESC to the sort script, but the code is disabled by default as it depends on the pricing of each property as to whether or not it’s suitable for a site. Many thanks Derek B from Adonis Media Ltd

Jomres 4.7.4 24/02/2011

  • Change to normal editing mode, separates non-srp or srp only room types from room type list.
  • Some changes to resolve couple of issues where sanitised apostrophes are not decoded for before they’re output.
  • Modified a j1.6 specific function to correctly identify if we’re in the administrator area.
  • Fixed a bug where realestate properties in the property list were giving the booking link, not the contact owner link.
  • Added a flag to the showtime variable to identify jomres as a heavyweight system ( > 200 properties ). If so, then we won’t try to translate property names in the super manager’s dropdown.
  • Added a check for minimum_interval, if it’s not set to > 0 we’ll set it to 1. If it’s left out, the booking form will fail with a js error so this should prevent that from happening.
  • Added new functionality to administrator list properties that allows a user to list properties by property initials.
  • Fixed a naughty little bug where if a site doesn’t have any global custom code (from the Touch Templates/Label editing feature) then Jomres can’t merge the global and property specific code, meaning that the custom code isn’t correctly found by the custom_text class.
  • Added XPF to currency codes.
  • added html5 input types for emails in booking forms and contact owner.
  • Tracked down an illusive bug that was causing languages to be reset to en-GB when touch templates/label editing was used, causing translations to not work for any lang other than English.
  • Undid some ssl booking form specific settings. With Joomla’s sef url functionality it’s become impossible to get urls working properly so that Jomres can rewrite http:// to https://. From now on, it looks like we’ll need to disable the ssl in the booking form functionality.
  • Further improvements for decoding urls before they’re displayed, and improved urls when generated by router.php
  • Fixed a bug where currency formats weren’t being found correctly in list properties.
  • added some code to allow the property selection feature to redirect calls even when there are ‘ in the property’s name.
  • Added a hidden option to put buttons for room selections back into the booking form.

Jomres 4.7.3 07/02/2011

  • Added simplified site config settings option.
  • Found a bug in new code that deals with property configuration. If this is a new installation, and the property’s config as not been changed, then a property’s default mrConfig will be NULL. This is not desirable when the default config and property config arrays are merged (sets the property’s mrConfig to NULL) so new code has been added that converts the property’s temp config to an array if NULL, and then the merging goes ahead ok.
  • Renamed our example guest to somebody a little more in keeping with the Fawlty Towers ethos.
  • Added more icons for different room/resource types, added code to installer to create new resource types on first installation. Updated vehicle and yacht brokerage lang files.

Jomres 4.7.2 02/02/2011

  • Fixed a bug in a new function that prevented the booking form from showing.
  • Added the ability for the site administrator to choose a site’s language context, in other words they can choose to use a Car hire/Yacht Brokerage language file instead of the default Hotel type language file. This does not override a property’s language file as defined by it’s type.
  • Added a new propertyrental subfolder to languages dir, all existing language files copied to dir to maintain the existing property relevant text. English lang files in /jomres/languages will be edited to be more relevant to units/objects/businesses, instead of simply related to hotels.
  • Renamed a language directory sub directory name in property types in installer.

Jomres 4.7.1 2/2/2011

  • Added functionality that allows a site manager to enable commission handling. When this is enabled, the property manager can see their commission invoices (these are no longer viewable by the property manager’s normal list invoices page). Added feature to use the invoice cron to suspend managers who’s accounts have not been paid after their due date + “threashold” have expired.
  • Modified php mailer to no longer echo errors on error.
  • 2 new functions that return all super property managers, and all suspended managers.
  • New ROI tab added to Site Configuration area. Enable subscription and commission handling moved to this tab, along with comission settings features.
  • Modified show reviews to html entity decode to allow ‘ to show properly.
  • Modified minicomponent handling and database class to log which minicomponents are making db queries.
  • Improved tracing in db class.
  • Modified custom_text.class.php to actually work as a singleton
  • Modified list properties to not figure review functionality if reviews are disabed in the administrator’s config.
  • Modified property list so that Contact owner link is shown as a button.
  • Small change to prevent editingmode and other dropdowns from appearing if popup set to yes (eg, when showing a printable invoice).
  • Removed some redundant echos from deleteguest.
  • Some changes to improve ssl handling.
  • Fixed an odd bug where the departure date for a new black booking wasn’t showing the calendar icon. Caused by microtime reporting exactly the same when the the function was called at two different times. Replaced the unique id generating functionality with Jomres’ random string generator instead.
  • Modified basic property details and other functionality to optimise how basic property details are found. When the jr_user is set up, we’ll do a bulk query to find property names that’ll be added to the property name dropdown box. The older method would generate a lot of queries, this and future optimisations will reduce the number of queries performed to find basic data of the user’s properties.
  • Modified custom text class to do one query instead of umpteen to find custom text strings.
  • Performance enhancements added by preloading some data.
  • Added new options to define the sizes of small and medium thumbnails. Small are for the property list, whereas medium are for the property header.
  • Renamed Touch Templates to Label Translations.
  • Added a new browser detection class to Jomres and removed the older method. Reduces the chance of colliding with another component who’s name escapes me now. swfreemenu?

Jomres 4.7.0 11/1/2011

  • Various changes to enable Joomla 1.6 installation.
  • Found and fixed a security issue where a manager of property A can modify the user details of a user on property B (where the manager has no rights to edit that user’s details).
  • Small change to save room script to ensure that the passed variable is cast as a float by the filtering function.
  • Small change to stop jomres from including an obsolete js file.
  • Disabled old gateway log marking the property uid number.
  • Modified booking insert functionality to not check for rooms already booked if not using room booking functionality of the system.
  • Small change to ensure that if micromanage is used, then the showtariffsasweekly setting isn’t used. (IE to say that prices are per week) list properties and show tariffs scripts.
  • Found an errant jquery uiblock call in jomres.js. Removed.
  • Modified get property name function to use newer singleton functionality.

Jomres stable 6/1/2011


Note that this version introduces significant changes to the dobooking.html, dobooking_srp.html, composite_property_details.html, list_properties.html, bookings_showconfirmation.html, geocoder.html, realestate_property_details.html and property_header.html templates. If you have customised these templates please ensure that your versions of those templates include the changes in this version otherwise the relevant pages will not work correctly.


  • Added a clause to remove from page titles (it remains in the page source).
  • Modified new functionality so that if a property doesn’t use rooms in the booking form, to simply set the departuredate to the next day (dependant on the minimum interval) internally.
  • Modified invoice creation functionality to only mark an invoice paid on creation if the depositpaidsuccessfully flag is set to Yes and the init_total of the invoice = $deposit_required.
  • Extended new arrival/departure date functionality to take into account those properties who’re configured to not show the departure date in the booking form.
  • Modified edit property script to html entity decode strings before they’re displayed during editing.
  • Some minor changes to html_entity_decode town/region links in the property list.
  • Small change to take into account capitalised usernames in grant access function.
  • Added experimental rounding to try to ensure that rounding is performed correctly.
  • Modification to display booking script to not add tax if the prices are inclusive.
  • Modified configuration functionality to allow managers to enable slideshows in property details, and stopped configuration from switching to property admin on Save.
  • Removed redundant “don’t use both tax configuration option settings” message from tariffs and currencies.
  • Modified property details handling functionality, now tabs are added via minicomponents, makes it much easier for third party developers to add new tabs easily.
  • Added some effects to the rooms list hiding/showing javascript. Finally got rid of interface.js, which has been with us for about 4 years but is no longer required. Booking form template updated.
  • Modified the booking engine so that room buttons are now better styled with Jquery ui (whole button is clickable, not just the link)
  • Removed jquery.blockUI.js and it’s associated functionality from jomres.js. This was what would block parts of the interface from interference while the booking form’s ajax functionality was running. Waaay back when web2 was new this was useful, however now ajax is common, we have faster servers, internet connections, pcs and javascript libraries and it’s no longer necessary. In it’s day it was great, but now I’m sick of looking at it.
  • Removed jquery-1.4.2.min.js from our javascript library
  • Upgraded booking form and confirmation pages with jquery buttons.
  • Applies the fix suggested by Marc, thanks.
  • Further small changes to links in property details and list properties to make the buttons work like buttons. Modified booking form so that it uses the jquery highlight and error classes.
  • Commented out input error/highlight options in property config as we’re now using jquery highlights. Also removed the minicolour picker as that’s no longer required, and disabled the ‘edit icon size’ options as it’s redundant. Less is more.
  • Fixed an issue with touch templates where the constant’s which include the word “script” is being inserted into the custom text table with inserted.
  • Small change to prevent realestate properties for showing a book now link (duh)
  • Modified extra services functionality to include the tax rate at the time that it’s entered. This allows us to calculate the resulting total in the edit booking page.
  • Added Street, Town and Postcode to translatable fields in Edit Property details page.
  • Added option to disable jquery inclusion in the frontend.
  • Removed some code from booking engine that was causing micromanage tariff calculations to use the ‘charges stored weekly’ setting, even though it’s redundant in Micromanage tariff editing.
  • A variety of changes to remove redundant code, and remove styles from the code in the property list, property details and property header.
  • Changed Save Coupon link to a button in the booking form.
  • Added two new js variables to the booking form for highlight and error, removes need to define the jquery ui’s highlight and error classes in the code in handlereq.php
  • removed ui error css from booking engine by applying the error_class through js after the rooms list is regenerated.
  • Modified admin notes to remove redundant thumbnail setting, and advise the size of thumbnails. Added note to max upload input to show php’s max file upload limit.
  • Modified list properties display reviews functionality to open in a dialog popup.

Jomres 4.6.0 stable 13/12/2010

  • Some additional changes to improve new functionality that allows us to set some dates in a micromanage tariff to zero. This new code filters tariffs out if the tariff is zero within certain dates. Gives us dynamic minimum intervals.
  • Modified contact owner script to ensure that it uses the correct language strings.
  • Small change to stop manager’s toolbar from popping up unnecessarily when amending a booking.
  • Improved amend booking functionality to include line items when a booking is modified.
  • Added an extra space because “prices from” in the property list in english runs up against the price itself.
  • Swapped labels around, house number was showing under street and vikki versa in guest details template.
  • Small change to list user’s invoices so that template is still shown if the list is empty.
  • Modified show tariffs to not show a tariff if the price is zero.
  • fixed amend booking so that number of guests in the party shows up in the top advisory when amending a booking.
  • Added forgot password functionality to Jomres SA.
  • Fixed small bug where global currency code wasn’t used when generating the link to for currency conversion. Ty Aladar.
  • Modified the method of detecting the absolute path. Looks like some servers have changed what $_SERVER SCRIPT_NAME reports, borking our older method of figuring out the path. This change adds a check for SCRIPT_FILENAME instead and uses that if available. Need to monitor this change.
  • Fixed a missing close table in the hotel confirmation email template.
  • Added trashcache code to savecustomertypes minicomponent.
  • Added new functionality to delete a partner from the partner’s list.
  • Fixed a minor bug where the super property manager’s image wasn’t showing as a ninja in show profiles.
  • Fixed showconfirmation to ensure that extra names are translated.
  • Added the old backend addproperty script to the obsolete file handling list.
  • Replaced overzealous filtering in editinplace with simpler sanitization to discern the name of the constant being edited.

Jomres 4.6.0beta1 24/11/2010

  • Modified how dates date range array is calculated in blackbooking functionality, certain timezones were not crossing over correctly 5th November.
  • Added booking number to confirmation letter.
  • Moved a management view option into a detected cms block so that Jomres SA doesn’t trip over it and report an error.
  • Disabling management_view if Joomla’s sef enabled.
  • Fixed minor bug where installer couldn’t create discounts table if it already exists (added IF NOT EXISTS to the query).
  • Modified installer to resolve issues where Jomres reports errors installing on mysql server if strict mode is enabled.
  • updated cms specific installation script to take into account mysql strict mode.
  • Added a check for the setting to exist before returning it in the showtime class.
  • Modified how urls are detected within Jomres. If Joomla’s internal SEF is enabled and the Jomres use ssl option is switched on we need to apply the ‘live_site’ variable to the url otherwise Jomres can’t str_replace some urls with https. Means you can’t have SEF urls within Jomres, and ssl in the booking form.
  • Modified cms_specific_functions.php to correctly find the current user’s id in wordpress.
  • Disabled session id check in jr_user class as session id not set in wordpress, and I don’t think we need it any more.
  • Removed old jquery corner javascript from Jomres libraries.
  • realestate property template updated to bring it into in line with the rest of Jomres’ jquery ui handling.
  • Updating Jomres css file, removing obsolete classes.
  • Further css tidying up. Moved call for jomrescss.css to futher down in the init_javascript function to enable it to override jquery ui settings. Show tariffs and rooms templates updated with jquery ui classes.
  • Modified str_replace of http to https functionality to take into account single property installations and the booking form in the property details page.
  • Italian language file fully translated and brought up to date with the current version of Jomres. Many thanks Luca.
  • Modified add plugin functionality to only bypass remote download of plugin aspect of system, so thirdparty plugins should still install if the license is out of date.
  • Modified dobooking to ensure that last minute discount is calculated BEFORE taxes are figured out.
  • Modified countries.php so that the country names can be alphabetically sorted even if they’ve been translated.
  • Modified gateway validation routine to ensure that correct gateway plugin is checked and used by Jomres.
  • Modified currency codes class to change “Bs F” to “Bs”. Thanks for the update Yubisay.
  • French language file updated, many thanks Mario
  • Added suspended column to user manager’s table.
  • Fixed a bug where smtp emails weren’t being sent when auth settings required.
  • Added new functionality to suspend property manager accounts. This gives us a base to work on for future functionality as we improve the commission handling in the system.
  • Added 00005 trigger point to admin.php. The main purpose for this addition is to allow plugins to include a language file post language detection to ensure that we’re including the correct language file. Previously we’d use 00001 however this is no longer appropriate as the language is detected later in the workflow now.
  • Modified guest views. Added remove favourite feature and generally tidied up a few templates to make proper use of the jquery ui css. Also modified view favourite functionality to make better use of the basic property details class which provides fuller translation of property address details.
  • Modified list properties to not show the broken link to a non-existing room type image. For jintour specific properties.
  • Created new admin feature to see raw booking data stored in the booking data archive.
  • Added thumbnail handling to Jomres.
  • Modified SA to not generate title and keyword heads as Jomres will generally manage that.
  • Minor fix to searching functionality to pop the searchAll option off the beginning of the features array when showing features as icons instead of dropdowns.
  • Moved manager/reception/user toolbars out into their own minicomponents, moved top and bottom templates out into their own minicomponents. This allows us to totally remove these toolbars programatically, if we so wish.
  • Improved bug reporting functionality to include more information.
  • Undid property name translations from router.php, in Joomla SEF mode this is causing Jomres to not be able to find the property’s property uid when doing booking confirmations.
  • Small change to improve room type dropdown layout output.
  • Modified singleton abstract to search remote plugin dirs for classfiles to create as singletons if they’re so constructed for such use.
  • changed data sent to paypal when paying immediately. swapped output_price with number_format.
  • Minor tweak to lang file to ensure that new user creation function is only valid in Joomla.
  • Renamed j06002list_property_invoices.class.php to j06001list_property_invoices.class.php to ensure that receptionists can see invoices.
  • Fixed an issue in SA where the wrong from email address was being used when sending forgot password links.
  • corrected collection of ‘task’, removed added by filtering code.
  • Small change to a query to ensure that SRPs that are changing their property type (ie for room type associations) don’t see MRP room types in the dropdown.
  • Fixed bug where using the edit invoice feature in the backend wasn’t setting the subscription as paid if the invoice was a subscription invoice. NA normally as usually a different mechanism is triggered to mark invoices as paid.
  • Modified jr_user to become a full Jomres singleton, as it was found to be causing intermittent bugs in a new plugin in it’s older php4 class style.
  • Modified how the property’s room types are generated in the room type dropdown (SRP).
  • Modified property creation functionality to allow input of realestate type property prices at creation time, and corrected a bug where the price wasn’t being shown in the property details.
  • Modified the invoice table to include an ‘is_commission’ column.
  • Improved guest’s invoice layout to show invoice line item contents.
  • New functionality to allow a logged in guest to change their details via an Edit Account link.
  • Finally solved the ‘paging’ problem (or lack thereof) in Show Profiles. Realised that even if we used paging, searching for a user to create as a manager would still be laborious so instead adopted the last version’s functionality that searches for partners to search for managers.
  • Added search by guest numbers (looks at max people column in tariffs) and search by star numbers. Only works in integrated search atm, modules will need to be updated separately.
  • Modified language switcher to always show the language dropdown when in the administrator area.
  • Some further changes to make viewing of commission invoices possible by the property mananger, plus added a commission invoices button and functionality to the administrator area. Also tweaked pseudocron to stop it from showing too many log events.
  • Added serbia & montenegro to countries file.
  • added a switch that outputs prices for real estate properties in the property list.
  • Added an experimental change to the booking form, we pause for two seconds to collate data before it’s passed to the confirmation page. This seems to resolve isolated incidents where the guest details aren’t always captured at booking time.
  • Added a check to the dashboard. If $_REQUEST requestedMonth is set, then don’t use the cache.

Jomres 4.5.8 28/9/2010

  • Added a new view of the Jomres content area which allows the property manager to view just Jomres. This is both a faster interface (you’re not running any of the Joomla modules) and allows more flexibility when branding the interface.
  • Added functionality to allow us to translate country and region names via touch templates.
  • Added a timezone switching feature to the managers toolbar. Disabled by default, this should allow users on one continent to work on a server on a vastly different timezone.
  • Fixed bug where booking_room_specific_info array was not passed to the confirmation template.
  • Modified handle req to adjust the departure date only if the date is < arrival date – min interval.
  • Added functionality to allow us to have cms specific minicomponents.
  • Modified gateway validation function to use $_REQUEST instead of $_POST, allows us to pass the gateway name in the url, instead of just via a form’s post method.
  • Fixed Jomres SA’s cms_specific_urls.php so that JOMRES_SITEPAGE_URL_NOSEF sets the url correctly.
  • Small change to dobooking_srp.html to make sure invisible items stay invisible.
  • Modified pricing output functionality in list properties to check to see if gross pricing is set before calculating the inclusive price.
  • Clarified and simplified string filtering. Ensured that if html editors are not allowed, that all input and output text has virtually all html stripped before it is saved/used.
  • Modified new management process selection feature to ensure that the correct template is shown in new property step 2.
  • Changed how micromanage->averaged prices are calculated when same room types are chosen with two different tariffs.
  • Fixed a faulty delete review query.
  • Modified router.php to use the translated property name.
  • Added initial functionality to allow Jomres to be integrated into Joomla 1.6. After Jomres phase of installation is performed, the site manager then needs to go to the Joomla extension manager and use the Discover feature to continue installing jomres. Other functionality like creating news users on bookings hasn’t been tested and wouldn’t be expected to work at this time.
  • Fixed issue where it wasn’t possible to edit created extras.
  • Further work to resolve rounding issues. Removed number_format functionality from insert booking minicomponent, ensuring that calculated prices are inserted with as many decimals as possible, then added output price functionality to view and list invoice functionality.
  • Small change to booking engine’s growl output functionality to ensure that dev popups are shown, and removed some old code.
  • Fixed typo in the language file. Propertys shmoperties.
  • Added rounding fix output to administrator area list invoices, however the same cannot be added to the edit invoice area because the currency code will prevent the discount calculation javascript from working.
  • Updated install_jomres.php to associate room types with property types on first installation.
  • Added new version of pt-PT.php, many thanks Mario Oliveira
  • Added Azerbaijan New Manat to currency codes class.
  • Added an internal feature to disable the paypal link when calling the view invoice function as part of the hotel’s email.
  • Removed context word from booking notes.
  • Tweak guest’s toolbar to use jquery ui widget css.
  • Upgraded jgrowl, which manages the popup messages. Modified it slightly (L191) to not use the “messages” class as the message using the header class within the context of the popup is ugly. Css file updated too, and jomrescss.css modified to remove the “header” class.
  • Added centering for SRP availability calendar.
  • Upgraded jquery ui to 1.8.5
  • Modified search functionality to add the “All” option to the feature search dropdown.
  • Modification to booking engine so that when in micromanage, we can filter out tariffs that are set to 0, allowing us to layer tariffs over each other, offering different minimum intervals.

Jomres 4.5.7 19/8/2010

  • Further changes to Jomres to support non-room based bookings. These changes are required to support the Jintour plugin.
  • Added a function to detect each dir in the ui themes subdirectory and find an appropriate css file.
  • When dealing with larger numbers finding number ranges for the search feature caused an out of memory error. With help from we’ve changed the foreach method of finding ranges with a for loop, which seems to fix the problem.
  • Added a missing var definition to the srp booking form.
  • Added new functionality to allow plugins to insert their own property management process information into regprop step 1.
  • Fixed missing define from language file re minimised config options desc.

Jomres 4.5.6 16/8/2010

Note that there are changes to dobooking.html, please ensure that your version (if you’ve modified it) incorporates the new changes.

  • Added check to booking engine to see if jomres messaging is enabled.
  • Small modification to handle req to ensure that the guest allocation is reset to blank once the guest number have changed.
  • Modified upgrade functionality to remove chmod function. In very rare instances some of the contents of the /jomres folder might not be writeable by the web server (which is why we use the web installer, and discourage use of ftp for installation of Jomres). In older versions, as a last ditch effort, we’d ask the user for their ftp details to try to chmod any file to 777 that isn’t writeable to facilitate the upgrade. This is a less than ideal process for security reasons as some users may not be aware that any file given these permissions should manually change those back after the upgrade. To remove the risk of site managers not changing the permissions back, we’ve removed the functionality altogether, instead replacing the code with a warning that the files need to have their ownership changed to that of the web server’s user.
  • Added ksort to ensure the room type dropdown list always maintains the same order.
  • Modified room allocation functionality to output room type instead of room name if we’re using dropdowns.
  • In rare situations the month name isn’t found by the appropriate function, so in the event that ” is returned, we’ll use an older method to create the month name.
  • Some changes to room type dropdowns to improve layout and information available.
  • Modification to jomres.js. If the difference between the departureDate in the booking form and the arrivalDate is > mininterval, don’t adjust the departure date.
  • Added some missing translations for micromanage tariff editing’s property configuration tab.
  • List properties modified with a nice little query from Piranha that simplifies the tariff query to output the “prices from” in the property list page.
  • Added a new trigger 00005 that is called before the action really starts, before the manager’s menus are generated in jomres.php.
  • Restored some mistakenly removed definitions that define month names.
  • small change to dobooking to ensure that srps have the departure date set too when the form is first loaded.
  • Updated romanian currency code in currency code class file.
  • Added the beginning of new functionality that’ll allow bookings to go through minus room bookings.
  • Hardened Jomres files against unauthorised access.

Jomres 4.5.5 30/7/2010

Note that there are changes to both dobooking.html and dobooking_srp.html, please ensure that your version (if you’ve modified it) incorporates the new changes otherwise your booking form will not work.

  • Minor changes to advanced editing and installer to clarify room types need to be associated with property types.
  • Added sanity check to warn users that the property is not yet published.
  • Re-enabled the SRP only option for room types.
  • Added commented out code to show how to disable popup in tooltips for room types and property features.
  • Modified booking engine functionality to disable a date in the calendar if all rooms for that date are booked.
  • Fixed issue where dashboard date when click wasn’t used in the booking form.
  • Modified jr_gettext functionality in micromanage list tariffs and dobooking to enable translation of tariffs.
  • Couple of changes to dobooking to enable the date to be selected correctly when coming from both a date setting link, and a non-date setting link, specific to fixed period dropdowns.
  • Disabled translation of a button when in editing mode, as it breaks the button.
  • Implemented jquery date picker localisation files into Jomres.
  • Modified amend booking functionality to correct invoices once the booking has been amended.
  • Started adding files and functionality to install Jomres on WordPress 3. Functionality is not complete, as can’t yet find how to reliably add our javascript files to wordpress, so this will remain a work in progress for now.
  • Added code to ensure non-booking form date picker pairs in search modules will set the departure date to one day after the arrival date.
  • Changed outgoing email’s url to JOMRES_SITEPAGE_URL_NOSEF as Joomla’s sef strips out the live_site.
  • Modified guest email to translate extra correctly.
  • Small modification to new date blocking functionality in the booking form. Disabled date blocking on the departure date. If a guest selects a day before a day that’s fully booked, they can’t actively choose the next date as the departure date because the room is booked the next day. It doesn’t actually matter as the javascript’s already done it for them, nevertheless it might confuse some people.
  • Added options to change the default search order, and whether or not to show the dropdown.
  • Added new functionality to the booking form. Property managers can now choose whether or not to display the classic rooms list, or choose rooms types from a dropdown.
  • Some minor functionality changes for new room type list dropdowns in the booking form.
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong room type was offered in the room type dropdown in micromanage edit tariff.
  • Fixed an IE issue where it complains about focus when the booking form is in the property details.
  • Added option to set start day of js and availability calendars from sunday to monday.
  • Added an option to allow site managers to only allow guests who have bookings with a property, to make reviews.
  • Modification to allow us to bypass gateways if the value of the contract is 0.00, so managers offering 100% discounts via vouchers can take bookings. Previously, this would have gone to a gateway but of course gateways will not handle 0 amounts as there’s nothing in it for them.
  • Fixed Thanks krsjan.
  • Added an extra model “per room”.
  • Don’t show the pay now link if the total is 0. (invoice page).
  • Clarified Jomres license to indicate that “jomres” is trademarked, that php files are released as GPL2/MIT and that all images, css and javascript copyright me are not freely distributable.
  • Removed unused definitions from language files.

Jomres 4.5.4

  • Some changes to make tariff editing work better for SRPs after the room type changes of 4.5.3
  • Experimental tweak to single person supplements to divide the booking fee by the number of people in the booking after the number of times SPS has been found to find the SPS value for multiple rooms.
  • Fixed some missing calls to get the translated property name (thx Piranha).
  • Fix for system error when manager tries to make a booking, caused by new plugin validation check in 4.5.3
  • Rewrote chunks of the booking engine to internally assign guests to rooms to improve single person supplement functionality.
  • Commented out code that tries to make the anchor of the tabs based on the name of the tab. Too many non-latin users were reporting problems with tabs. Instead we’ll just use the random string generator to create the anchor.
  • Small change to micromanage saving to ensure that dates are saved in UTC.
  • Fix for fatal error when paypal override enabled.
  • Modified showconfirmation to ensure that gateway options previously configured are no longer available once paypal override set to Yes in administration area.
  • Fixed issue where if Advanced tariffs, Average and tariff charges are stored weekly, then the Tariff estimate would show the daily price instead of the weekly price.
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New Joomla Website Launched: North Wales Railway Circle

We launched a new website today for North Wales Railway Circle.

North Wales Railway Circle was formed in 1971 by a group of like-minded people to establish a society for those interested in all aspects of railways.

Our underlying aim is to encourage greater use by passengers and freight of the rail network, and to enjoy our mutual interest in railways, past, present, future, and worldwide.

You can view their website at:

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Force scrollbar on short pages

When you have a design that does not fill the full screen you sometimes get the problem where the page seems to shift when you navigate between long and short pages.

This is because of the scroll bar on the right that appears or disappear depending on the length of your scrollbar.

All you have to do is edit your .css file and add the below:

/*Force scroll bar for short pages*/

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Joomla! 1.6 and Artisteer template

I got artisteer 3 to work with Joomla 1.6 in 8 minutes including testing in FF 3, 5 IE&, 8, 9 and 10 and IT WORKS!

I must admit I already had Joomla 1.6 installed. All I did was quickly create the first template suggestion Artiseer gave me > Exported as Zip file > Log into Joomla > Extension Manager > Upload package.

Before you set the template as default got to existing front end and add ?tp=1 to the url so you can see the div positions – Keep this window open!

Now change the template to the one you uploaded > Go to front end and add ?tp=1 to a new window so you can see the div positions… Compare the two

Now all you have to do is go to modules  > search / filter by positions > Replace the positions for the old template with that of the new. Remember to assign the modules to pages as well in Menu Assignment (Just below where you change the position)

Easy! Hope this helps someone.

Please visit the forum if you have any questions:

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