Facebook marketing tips for businesses

Facebook marketing tips for businesses

Add relevant information and engage your audience with Facebook

A few simple tips will help you formulate the correct approach…

People who Like your business or brand on Facebook expect your posts to be at related to your business or industry.

It is just as easy for users to “Unlike” you than what it is to “Like” you on Facebook.

If a user “Likes” you on Facebook and he receives non-relevant information the user is very likely to unlike you or ignore your posts.

You priority should not be to have as many “likes” as possible. Your priority should be to build and engage with an audience that will add value to your business.

There is no point having a 1000 likes if users don’t read what you have to offer.

A few pointers on using Faceboook to engage your audience are:

Share milestones you’ve reached with your audience. Whether you’ve finished a project as a company or reached 100,000 fans on Facebook, tell your fans, so they can help celebrate and spread the word.

Write about a current event and tie it to your brand or industry.

Share testimonials, positive feedback and recommendations about your business. If your facebook fans love what you do and are vocal about it, share this with the rest of your audience, making sure to mention the original feedback.

Ask your audience to post questions, pictures or stories about your brand to your wall.

Repost the most interesting content back out as an update. Utilize this technique over a short period of time to keep your content towards the top of your wall and your user’s feeds.

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Video: How To Generate A QR Code For Free

Here is a short video tutorial on how to create your own QR codes using our QR Code Generator on our website.


Generate QR Code Read Instructions

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How to use the QR Code generator

How to use the QR Code generator

Here is a short tutorial on how to create your own QR codes using our QR Code Generator on our website. In short…just complete the fields and try it!

In most cases you will only need to select the size, and enter the text, URL or message.

You can create as many as you wish, but please note that the more text you enter in “Content” the longer it will take for the QR code to generate.

Size: Choose the preferred size of the QR Code

Encoding: You can choose the following encoding:

  • UTF-8 (Default) – For most instances
  • Shift_JIS -
  • ISO-8859-1

Content: You can add the text, URL or message here.

Error correction: QR codes support four levels of error correction to enable recovery of missing, misread, or obscured data. Greater redundancy is achieved at the cost of being able to store less data. Here are the supported values:

  • L – [Default] Allows recovery of up to 7% data loss
  • M – Allows recovery of up to 15% data loss
  • Q – Allows recovery of up to 25% data loss
  • H – Allows recovery of up to 30% data loss

Generate the QR Code: Once you completed the relevant fields…Press “Generate”.

The image will be generated and show.

Copy / Save As: Right click on the images and select “Copy” or “Save As“.

Disclaimer: The QR code generator was developed using the Google API and are therefore bound by Googles policies and support. I-Tech Web Design does not take any responsibility for any QR Codes that do not work for any reason.

Generate QR Code Watch Video

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Joomla 2.5.0 CMS (Content Managed System)

Joomla 2.5.0 CMS (Content Managed System)

The new version of Joomla, Joomla 2.5.0 was released on the 24th of January. Version 2.5.0 is is the next update from version 1.7.

Version 2.5.0 is the second release made within the new six-month release cycle that started with the delivery of Joomla 1.6 in January 2011. Version 2.5 is a long-term-support (LTS) release that will be supported for at least 18 months.

Joomla’s Production Leadership Team’s goal is to continue to provide regular, frequent updates to the Joomla community.

Version 1.7 will reach end of life on 24 February 2012. All users of version 1.7 should update to version 2.5.0 before that time.

At I-Tech Web Design North Wales we make sure we do security updates as and when they are released, but with major releases like Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 1.7 and also Joomla 1.7 to Joomla 2.5.0 we tend not to jump onto the bandwagon until all our software and features have been tested fully before we would recommend our clients to upgrade.

We have now tested 2.5.0 and are now developing Joomla 2.5.0 sites amongst others.

There are many new Joomla 2.5.0 features.

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Changes to Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Changes to Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Google has announced changes to it’s privacy policy. Every time one of the internet giants change privacy laws it does create some confusion and also make us think about our privacy.

Below is the low down of what Google’s change in privacy entails.

Google is getting rid of over 60 different privacy policies across Google and replacing them with one that’s a lot shorter and easier to read.

The new policy covers multiple products and features, reflecting their desire to create a simple and intuitive experience across Google.

Google says they believe this stuff matters, so please take a few minutes to read their updated Privacy Policy and Terms of Service at http://www.google.com/policies. These changes will take effect on March 1, 2012.

One policy, one Google experience

Easy to work across Google

Google’s new policy reflects a single product experience that does what you need, when you want it to. Whether you’re reading an email that reminds you to schedule a family get-together or finding a favorite video that you want to share, they want to ensure you can move across Gmail, Calendar, Search, YouTube, or whatever your life calls for with

Tailored for you

If you’re signed into Google, they can do things like suggest search queries – or tailor your search results – based on the interests you’ve expressed in Google+, Gmail, and YouTube. We’ll better understand which version of Pink or Jaguar you’re searching for and get you those results faster.

Easy to share and collaborate

When you post or create a document online, you often want others to see and contribute. By remembering the contact information of the people you want to share with, Google makes it easy for you to share in any Google product or service with minimal clicks and errors.

Protecting your privacy hasn’t changed

Google says it’s goal is to provide you with as much transparency and choice as possible, through products like Google Dashboard and Ads Preferences Manager, alongside other tools. Our privacy principles remain unchanged. Google will never sell your personal information or share it without your permission (other than rare circumstances like valid legal requests).

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Visit Google’s FAQ at http://www.google.com/policies/faq to read more about the changes.

Notice of Change

March 1, 2012 is when the new Privacy Policy and Terms will come into effect. If you choose to keep using Google once the change occurs, you will be doing so under the new Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

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