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I’m using jomres for hotels, accommodation, real estate and any other websites that require a high level of functionality for online bookings. Jomres is the best Hotel/Accommodation software for all CMS installations.

I now require a high spec map to go with jomres functionanlity, but Maps are not my strong point.

Fortunately for me, I made contact with some WordPress specialists ( that also specialise in Maps. Yes I believe WordPress and Joomla experts can work together!

I want to create a map with the following functionality:

I had the webforless guys at my office yesterday and they basically said that it is not too hard to do…If you are a map pro I suspect.

99% – 100% of the code on that page is freely available. The rest is GUI. As long as you know where to put the code for the forms, maps and output + db tables to pull in.

The data is already there (thanks to jomres).

The map consists of the following:

Calendar: We already have the calendar.

Zoom: (already built into google maps, but different code freely available).

Show on Map: Property types

Hotel Map Assistance: Many Joomla Extension out there. Not sure how well it is integrated with jomres though

Hotels: Price filter already in Jomres. Slider code must exist

Hotels on map: Pulling in Property list

General map: Different icons for property types + bubbles that pull price and stars.

Lets see if can do this!

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  1. hi says:

    we had the same problem with placing markers accurately on listed businesses
    but in the and we managed to solve the problem. we integrated a map with a draggable marker into the submit form and it works really well .i think we could do the same work
    for jomres.
    you can have a look at it:

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