Joomla, Jomres Google Maps – 2

We’ve now been able to pull in the map we want, but we need to pull in the information that was entered into jomres when adding a property.

We need to see what mini-components apply to which pages. We also need to confirm to which databse table these pages are written to.

Question 1: What page (. php) is the first”submit”page?: j02300regprop1.class.php,

What page (. php) is the first''submit''page?: j02300regprop1.class.php

1.1 Second Page: j02310regprop2.class.php

Second Page: j02310regprop2.class.php

1.3 Third Page (Room/property type): j02320regprop3.class.php. And j04900saveproperty.class.php when the property is actually saved.

Third Page (Room/property type): j02320regprop3.class.php.

1.4 After you save (1.3) you should go to property details j04200editproperty.class.php. Here you add the geo lat and long + upload the main image for the property. (DB: jos_jomres_propertys)

We need to confirm the above and do some testing.

Thanks to the guys at webforless for their contribution so far.

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